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Town of Watertown

Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of recreation opportunities for all ages, all seasons. Check our website often to see what programs, events and activities are being offered. If you have questions, or need assistance with our online registrations contact us at the office (860)945-5246.

Please help us! Nothing jeopardizes a recreation program more than waiting until the last minute to register. Our programs require facility scheduling, staffing, volunteer recruitment, and supplies. Your prompt enrollment will assist us to ensure programs run as planned, adequate shirts and supplies are ordered and programs are not cancelled due to low enrollment.

If you do not already have an account, please create an account with all your household information. The data provided; emergency contacts, allergies info and more, will help us better serve you!

Our Federal Tax ID # is 06-6002122 (For Childcare Tax Purposes)

Department Contacts:

Director of Parks & Recreation- 
Michael Ganem (860)945-5246  ganem@watertownct.org

Asst Director-  
Carrie Godfrey  (860)945-5246  godfrey@watertownct.org
Recreation Supervisor/Aquatics Director- Garry Smith (860)945-5246   smith@watertownct.org
Administrative Asst-
Kaitlyn Guerrera  (860)945-5246  sanzone@watertownct.org
Special Events Coordinator-  Giuliana Guerrera  (860)945-5246  wtnspecialevents@watertownct.org

Foreman-  John Buono  (860)945-5254  buono@watertownct.org
Bookkeeper- Jessica Modeen  (860)945-5246  modeen@watertownct.org

Senior Services:
Coordinator/Municipal Agent-  Laura Garay  (860)945-5250  garay@watertownct.org
Dispatcher-  Cheryl Overton  (860)945-5250  overton@watertownct.org
Secretary-  Carolyn Stopper  (860)945-5250  stopper@watertownct.org

Social Services:
Social Services Clerk-  Jeanne Vichioli  (860)945-5252  vichioli@watertownct.org

Crestbrook Park: 
Foreman- Ray Marks  (860)945-5248  marks@watertownct.org
Golf Professional- Marty Byrnes  (860)945-5249  proshop@watertownct.org
The Sunset Grille- (860)417-6688